The Goals of the GLVMFA

GLVMFA will provide a strong communal voice and shared resources to support the mobile food operators of the Greater Lehigh Valley.

  1. We are a group of small business owners who want to pioneer the mobile food industry within the Greater Lehigh Valley by providing a diverse variety of high quality foods at reasonable prices. By forming this organization, we speak with one voice to address any concerns from the community and to elevate people’s understanding and support for the mobile food industry.
  2. We adhere to a code of conduct set forth by the mobile food industry at large to ensure that all vendors adhere to a high set of standards that are favorable and beneficial to the Greater Lehigh Valley community.
  3. We work cooperatively with municipalities and other local businesses to develop partnerships and update ordinances and procedures of enforcement to better reflect the realities of this expanding industry within our community.
  4. We support and partner with other local non-profits who have the goal of grass-roots community economic development initiatives.
  5. Finally, we have the goal to become the “go-to” connection for members of the community who request the services of our members and for any prospective members interested in joining our mobile food alliance.

GLVMFA Mission Statement

Our Mission: To promote and support the growth of the mobile food industry in the Greater Lehigh Valley.

GLMFA Bylaws

The GLVMFA is a registered 501(c)6 Pa non-profit. Read our bylaws here: 2016 GLVMFA By-Laws.