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If you have an event, please read this short, helpful article here prior to sending your request. The article outlines some of the helpful tips and standard expectations for planning events in the food truck industry. If you have further questions, please contact us at

Are you interested in finding out more about food trucks at weddings?

Please note: This form is for one-time events ONLY – if you have a location for regular daily, weekly, or monthly truck rotation, please e-mail our Events Chair, Michelle, at with your interests, and she will be in touch to discuss the details and help you plan your truck rotations.

Booking Food Trucks FAQs:
Q: How many trucks do I need for my event?
A: If the trucks you are requesting will be the only food vendors, you can estimate about 250-300 people per truck.
Q: My event is for a cause, what is the standard percentage to request from the trucks for participating?
A: 10-15% of the truck’s sales is standard. Additional questions regarding fees should be directed to us via e-mail ( prior to completing this form.
Q: How soon will I hear back from the trucks?
A: Once you submit this form, it is automatically generated to all of our members. If any of the members are available and interested in your event, they will contact you. If there are certain trucks you see on our site that you wish to target individually, we suggest you contact them directly with the contact information provided on their page.


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