The Täza Truck



What is Taza?

Taza means “fresh” in Arabic, which is exactly what our food is. Egyptian and Egyptian-inspired cuisine, made fresh every day! Taza Egyptian includes The Taza Truck, a full service, mobile gourmet kitchen that serves Taza specialties like kushari, grilled shawarma, hummus, and falafel, and The Taza Stop, our new fast-casual restaurant inside the Easton Public Market in Easton PA that serves a much more extensive menu.

Find the truck by clicking on the “Truck Locator” link (March through December) or you can enjoy Taza year-round in our new brick and mortar location opening mid-March 2016! Yes, we also cater – click “Book Taza” and we’ll bring Taza to your event!

So what is Taza Egyptian cuisine?

Egyptian history is over 7000 years old and has seen many cultural influences from the Africa, the Mediterranean, and Europe! Our cuisine includes uniquely Egyptian foods such as Kushari and Taameya (Egyptian falafel) as well as our Taza favorites of Chicken and Beef Shawarma, Kofta, and Hummus. The chef/owners combine these authentic Egyptian delicacies with their own personal cooking and eating experiences from around the world to create their one-of-a-kind Egyptian-inspired menu.

Taza has something for everyone. Much of Egyptian food is naturally vegetarian and gluten free, and all of our meat is halal, which ensures that the meat is vegetarian-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free, and humanely raised and cleanly processed. Most importantly, our food is made fresh daily, using only healthy olive oil, fresh herbs and imported spices, with NO preservatives!

Who are the owners?

Hala and Tim have been university professors and administrators for years. So why would these Ph.D.s want to open a food truck and restaurant?! For one, they’re passionate about creating a unique culinary experience and sharing these fresh healthy options with people searching for something different. Tim and Hala have traveled to over 40 countries experiencing diverse flavors from all over the world, and Tim also grew up in his parents’ restaurants as a kid learning how to cook and manage successful restaurants. Hala ran a successful business in Egypt and has been cooking her mother’s traditional Egyptian-inspired recipes for over 30 years. This combination of world culinary experience and a passion for providing simple, fresh, preservative-free cuisine will bring you back to Taza again and again.


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