Vince’s Cheesesteaks




Vince Sr. was the son of Italian immigrants.  A World War II Navy vet looking for his place in postwar Allentown, Vince started a steak shop in the basement of his father’s home at 7th and Union in 1957.  That was the start of something special.

Vince was ambitious, working with family and friends to make his cheesesteaks a Lehigh Valley staple and a sought-after concession brand across Pennsylvania.  Shortly after opening his modest kitchen, Vince Sr. began regular lunch deliveries to over 70 factories that once lined the streets of Allentown.

Our success in mobile food is perhaps best exemplified by the growth of our concession business in the 1980s and 90s under Vince Jr.’s leadership, all while maintaining the area’s only fast-serve double drive-through express, formerly located at 15th and Allen Streets in Allentown.

Today, we’re blessed to be a six-decade, five-generation family business, rooted in a region we’re proud to call home.  The family still owns and operates the company and is grateful for our many friends and patrons. We’re proud of the tradition you’ve helped us build across the Valley and beyond and look forward to serving you as often as you give us the honor of your business.




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