Meat Wagon BBQ



We could give you the same old story about how we’ve loved BBQ and had a passion for perfecting our award winning BBQ and BBQ sauces; that we worked hard to fabricate a food truck from scratch to get our delicious morsels out into the community; that we carefully choose our meats and ingredients to make sure we deliver the finest, freshest products to our customers. We could do that…and we just did.

Now that we finished our spiel, we’ll tell you Meat Wagon BBQ started when one guy (Nick) began competing in BBQ competitions around the tri-state area and winning. Nick thought that no one should be deprived of these delicious BBQ delights and decided to go all out, spending every waking moment building a food truck and selling his BBQ anywhere he could. There’s more, but you’ll just have to find us out on the road and taste for yourself.


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