OMG Smoothies




Maria is the owner/operator of OMG Smoothies, which is based out of Bally, PA.

Not new to the food and farmers market scene, Maria started back in 2010, with Old Mill Gourmet, making Gourmet Preserves and Pure Maple Syrup from the family’s property in upstate NY. She traveled from farmers market to farmers market, getting to know her customers and building up a client base.

In 2013, her husband Jim came home from work with a vision of a smoothie business. After extensive research for many months and while working with multiple health departments to make sure everything was proper, a trailer was being ordered in March of 2014. Finally in May, the OMG Smoothies trailer was on its way to its first event. From then on, OMG Smoothies has attended and continues to attend various farmers markets and many local private and public events.

About the smoothies: these smoothies are made with real ingredients unlike other smoothies out there that are made with bottled syrups, powders or purees. Real strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and mango as well as fresh bananas and oranges goes into each smoothie. They are dairy, gluten and sugar free, with a water base and are made to order. Along with her smoothies, Maria also offers freshly brewed hot and iced coffee as well as other bottled beverages.

When she is not in the truck, she is a wife of a fabulous husband and mother of 3 great kids. She is often running around from sports event to sports event for each of her children. She likes to go camping on their property in upstate NY and tries to find enough beach time.


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